Zero Alpha

Aotearoa/New Zealand artist & designer Zero Alpha is both self taught and a graduate of the School of Creativity and Art in Wellington, Aotearoa. Zero Alpha works in the digital space but has his foundations firmly in the analog world. Residing in Mohua/Golden Bay, he is involved in the local Arts Council and teaches homeschool groups animation and design.

Zero Alpha entered the crypto art space in March 2021 selling his first NFT on OpenSea entitled “Aureum Chaos”. He has since been exclusively minting creations on Hic et Nunc, a place more aligned to his values and outlook on the NFT scene in general. Zero Alpha prefers the underground,the amazing community and freedom to explore on Hic et Nunc

Using software like Touchdesigner, Blender and C4D along with the Adobe suite, Zero Alpha creates abstract works that explore dark complex patterns derived from geodata data from both Earth & off-world. Often producing original soundscapes for the works as well. These are produced on both analog hardware synthesizers and their software equiv- alents. A major work called “Chaos of Solus” was a major accomplishment for Zero Alpha, the full 4k version can be viewed at the portfolio link below as it was intended. The HTML player version that was available on Hic et Nunc has since long sold out.

Zero Alpha is currently continuing to create the Shadow Play series, an ongoing collection of abstract works derived from extracting online geodata and then constructing 3D land- scapes from it. It is then imported into C4D where it is deformed to produce the abstract forms. Often these complex dark works take on alien-like insect forms but have also been described as machine souls. Heavily influenced by Sci-Fi and underground drum and bass music culture, Zero Alpha always draws on these for the tone and feeling for his works.

The future holds opportunity for more in real life interactive art installations, continuing to teach young creatives foundational skills and of course to continuing to establish himself in the crypto-art space. Further information can be found by visiting the links below or reach out to Zero Alpha through his socials to connect.


Twitter: @ZeroAlpha_NZ


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