Jen is a US-based fiber artist, mixed media/collage artist, and poet. A self-taught artist, she’s been writing and making collage since childhood. Jen began knitting and writing about her misadventures in fiber in 2007. She made the leap into crochet pattern design in 2014 and took a deep dive into mixed media in 2017 after winning a paper crafting competition at In The MKNG in 2018.  Her ever-evolving work explores storytelling, gender, relationships, and emotions in a colorful and often humorous way. Jen joined the NFT space in February 2021 and she’s been a passionate advocate for women, crafters, and makers. She’s best known for crocheting Beeple (which is in his collection) and Hugamonsters. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries including XoB (as a Fall 2021 resident artist), Pranksy’s Place, and OnCyber Spotlight No. 5.

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