KAL is an architect and artist from space who creates illustrations and 3Ds of architectural spaces with different vibes and themes. KAL has studied architecture for 6 years, and has always loved mixing architecture with art, design and film. One of her works was exhibited in the Venice Biennale exhibition in 2020. KAL brings her thoughts and dreams into her art and wants to take you on a journey into her imaginary architecture.

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Bright Me to the Moon

Bright Me to the Moon is a Thai collage artist who expresses feelings, emotions and thought processes to integrate hidden meanings in her works. 

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Epic Thundercat

Epic Thundercat is a multidisciplinary creative problem solver who creates both NFTs as well as traditional artwork. Her creative journey began as a young child located in the Pacific Northwest. Her artistic nature was born as a way to cope with parental abandonment in order to increase her resiliency in life. ETC began her artistic journey developing creative scenarios, of which she then worked on using artwork as a language to express emotions and the human experience.

She enjoys channeling her emotions into creative forms and using art in order to explore the human psyche as a whole using symbolism, colors to evoke feelings in the observer as well as finding ways to put the audience into her work. ETC also has a Masters Degree in Mental Health as well as Organizational Leadership and in her free-time enjoys photography, writing, video games, hiking, traveling and being both a mom of two as well as a cat-mom. She has exhibited her work at galleries, conventions, as well as art venues and various coffee shops.

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The Gold Current

Yasmin Youssef is a visual artist living and working in Austin, Texas. Her mixed media collage, NFTs, and cyanotype work is influenced by her multi-cultural Egyptian and European heritage. A heavy focus on the performing arts, science, and education in her formative years laid the foundation for her work. While designing enterprise level software for the tech industry, Yasmin performed nationally and internationally with Thievery Corporation, Govinda, and as a member of the dance collective she co-founded. Yasmin’s artistic pursuits expanded into visual art as a natural way to gather and present ethereal & moving experiences; similar to the internal feelings that can often be found with dance.

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The Count

Moyosore Briggs was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She began her art career as a self-taught event photographer and currently works as a photographer & model in London. Alongside her photography, Moyosore’s art practice encompasses writing and publishing. She’s worked as a contributing editor on multiple publications, as well as self-publishing her own written & photographic work. She’s also the Tezos community lead for one of the leading NFT marketplaces, Rarible. Moyosore’s current art practice revolves around photography and digital manipulation, self-portraiture in particular, within her photography, she tries to find the beauty within the poor image. Moyosore’s current work, her self portraiture, fashion event photography, as well as her written work, focus on the intersection of the self, individuality, fashion and sexuality. Through imagery that is both extremely dark, but also vivid & full of colour, she explores these themes in relation to herself and those around her.

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AempatiA is a surrealist.

She is inspired to create messages and stories through surreal, oneiric and delirious scenarios while using a traditional cut & paste technique as different gears to build intriguing machines.

She distinguishes how putting elements in the right places can change the narrative and interpretation of the art, stimulating the mind of others and making the embodiment of the unbelievable reach the real world.

Although she keeps her feet off the ground, her mind wanders off, resorting to papers from old days, to piece together compositions so well put together that makes us think: is she dreaming or is she just showing us the reality that our eyes can’t perceive?

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Astra is an artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1985 and based in London, United Kingdom since 2009. They graduated from Middlesex University with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2018. The artist is interested in philosophical, historical & critical perspectives in art and culture and uses a lot of symbolism and surreal images to convey their thoughts into the pieces.

Astra investigates the influence of visual language in the transgression of traditional narratives regarding, especially, the History of Brazil. Their practice is extremely detailed and labour intensive. The artist’s pieces present a clear European aesthetic appeal still intertwined with Astra’s varied cultural heritage.

Recently, the artist joined NTFs and is currently creating an ongoing collection named Astra Plane. This collection was born from the need to create without restrictions, the same way the artist did as a child. Each image portrays a story that continues being told in the next image and is a collection of memories, influences, studies & everything that has transformed the artist over the past 36 years.

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Hebert, better known as Artedeft, is a 28 year old self-taught interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Senador Camará in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro. 

He began painting in late 2016 using digital painting and collage techniques, understanding it to be the most genuine form of expression and communication within his public community. Mixing the street experience alongside music, he references artists such as Salvador Dalí Dalí, Heitor dos Prazeres, René Magritte, Hyeronimous Boch, Hanna Höch, Candido Portinari, Portinari and Basquiat among others.

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Jen is a US-based fiber artist, mixed media/collage artist, and poet. A self-taught artist, she’s been writing and making collage since childhood. Jen began knitting and writing about her misadventures in fiber in 2007. She made the leap into crochet pattern design in 2014 and took a deep dive into mixed media in 2017 after winning a paper crafting competition at In The MKNG in 2018.  Her ever-evolving work explores storytelling, gender, relationships, and emotions in a colorful and often humorous way. Jen joined the NFT space in February 2021 and she’s been a passionate advocate for women, crafters, and makers. She’s best known for crocheting Beeple (which is in his collection) and Hugamonsters. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries including XoB (as a Fall 2021 resident artist), Pranksy’s Place, and OnCyber Spotlight No. 5.

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Vanessa Coleman-known as Artwolf in the NFT community- is an Ambassador of Women, Executive Director of Fort Gallery NFT, a traditional interdisciplinary artist for 15 years, award-winning filmmaker & Festival Director of Every Leaf International Short Film Festival, and creator of the Tezos collectible Homies. 

She is currently exhibiting with theVERSEverse Gallery as well as Paris Hilton’s show Empowered by Paris through Sevens Grant Foundation, and recently exhibited with and curated through Cyberverse Gallery at SXSW in March of this year. 

V is opening the first clean NFT gallery in the world in the Wynwood district of Miami this Summer, 2022.

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