The Count

Moyosore Briggs was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She began her art career as a self-taught event photographer and currently works as a photographer & model in London. Alongside her photography, Moyosore’s art practice encompasses writing and publishing. She’s worked as a contributing editor on multiple publications, as well as self-publishing her own written & photographic work. She’s also the Tezos community lead for one of the leading NFT marketplaces, Rarible. Moyosore’s current art practice revolves around photography and digital manipulation, self-portraiture in particular, within her photography, she tries to find the beauty within the poor image. Moyosore’s current work, her self portraiture, fashion event photography, as well as her written work, focus on the intersection of the self, individuality, fashion and sexuality. Through imagery that is both extremely dark, but also vivid & full of colour, she explores these themes in relation to herself and those around her.

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