Gustavo Torres

Gustavo Torres is a multidisciplinary artist that lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s an independent motion graphics designer, illustrator and 3D artist working online since 2005. His work is eclectic, with a strong background in beauty arts that allowed him to explore and discover a unique voice through the years. From surrealism, Lo -fi, classic 80’s/90’s,passing through hand-drawn animation and 3D modelling, the diversity of techniques derived in great collaborations and client projects. Human loneliness, the connection with the other, the existence are regular topics in his work. But also a constant renewed nostalgia is always present somehow in the work. 

His clients include Justin Bieber, Apple, Tumblr, The Weeknd, Nas, Honda, Instagram, Adidas, Maroon 5, Chromeo, A-Trak and the list goes on. Kidmograph was born as a concept in 2012 with the objective of growing an universal but at the same time personal library of animated loops that chases a feeling, a sensation, sometimes abstract, sometimes too literal. sometimes broken, sometimes clean and pure. The concept of an endless loop (GIF) was the main resource to bring and share these ideas to life back then.Not only because the format can be loop-able, but also every computer can run it. The endless GIF (sometimes cheerful and dynamic, sometimes oppressive) exemplifies perfectly our need of transcendence in a finite world.


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