thr33som3s is a master painter and creator of complex and elaborate games that attract top artists and collectors to his work.

Pushing the envelope of possibility in the NFT space using the least amount of technology imaginable, he paints in traditional gouache to transfigure 30 plus year old baseball cards into high art.  Only the photo capture of the finished piece is digitized.

Echoing the Flux Hall Fluxus Shop before him, th33som3s makes his work accessible to newcomers, satirizing the state of NFT art and creating a virtual recreation of a New York gallery opening combined with a wild party almost daily purely with text, photos and voice. 

As more and more celebrity artists and impassioned collectors join the community they help to weave the non linear story that unfolds. Making difficult decisions at each nexus, they collaborate to partially determine the course and ultimately the fate of his art. The collector thus becomes the randomness of a John Cage piece, while thr33som3s twists and warps portraits far beyond Gerhard Richter with the complexity and exacting specificity of Jackson Pollock, all while retaining the clarity and mythical essence of the baseball cards and Americana that lies beneath them.

The varied burning and combining of previous works creates an oeuvre that transcends time weaving themes from disparate eras and temperaments, evoking the ever changing nature of land art while residing entirely in the metaverse.

Born in an adobe house next to the railroad tracks in the high deserts of western USA, thr33som3s now lives and paints in the gritty neighborhood of Cobble Hill in Brooklyn.  In May of 2021, having never sold a single painting, physical or digital, they left their position as an executive for a global telecom giant to dive headfirst into full-time painting and the growing NFT art marketplace.  On June 1, they minted their first series of multi-edition NFTs and sold out in minutes.  In less than 6 months, they claim the second largest NFT artist market capitalization on the Tezos blockchain with a floor exceeding $7M USD.  Their 1/1s are held by prominent NFT collectors ABB and AshyWickr.  And, top level NFT artists Fvckrender, Blake Kathryn, and KidEight are among those who hold multi-edition thr33som3s in their personal collections.    All thr33som3s are hand-painted in gouache on vintage baseball cards.  Known for their eternal utility, collectors are constantly faced with the choice to hold their pieces or burn them in exchange for ever evolving new artworks only obtainable via destruction.   As such, the supply of older pieces is in constant decline playing out in a delicious test of will for the serious thr33som3s collector.

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