Stephanie Fuller

Stephanie Fuller has worked in the arts industry in Britain and Australia for the last thirty-five years. During this time Stephanie Fuller has exhibited professionally as an artist, published an online art magazine, edited several books on art, founded and run a not-for-profit art foundation and organised lectures and published pamphlets of lectures by people who are experts in their fields within the arts internationally. These lectures were held at institutions such as The Tate Galleries (London, Liverpool and St Ives), The Slade School of Fine Art and The Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Stephanie Fuller is an artist, both Australian and British, recently moved back permanently to the UK. Her expressionistic style is concerned with the Human Condition and our relationship to the natural world. Fuller studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Bath Academy, Norwich Life Room and Wimbledon School of Art where she developed her technical skills. But her late husband, Peter Fuller, was the inspiration for the development of a rounded interest in ideas and a passion for beauty and the importance of culture. Her early childhood development by the sea in a remote part of Western Australia gave the artist a sense of oneness with the natural world.

Most of the artist’s work revolves around eco awareness, bringing people back to nature and making them aware that we are animals and are all connected. Her creatures are people and her people are creatures. Fuller has exhibited and been collected by museums and private collectors around the world for the last three decades. In a strange turn of fate one of her large paintings was lost in the 2020 fires in Australia.

Fuller has also been fortunate to visit many artists’ studios over the years including members of the Bomberg School, Leon Kossoff and Roy Oxlade.  The drawing skills and teachings of David Bomberg, and his idea of the “spirit in the mass” getting beyond appearances to the intuitive essence of a subject, has been a journey the artist is on and will continue to develop in her work.

The Screenplay, “Modern Art” by Laurence Fuller, includes elements of Stephanie Fuller’s early life and career. The Screenplay is winning awards and has been a finalist in many film festivals around the world.

In 2021 the artist began to mint NFTs which caused a sensation in the NFT Community with Fuller’s Edition Drops selling out on the day and increasing in value on the secondary market. Since Fuller first began minting NFTs she has been exhibited in an exhibition at and invited to exhibit with new galleries showing NFTs.

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