Sky Goodman

Sky Goodman is a new media artist, poet, and educator living in Chicago. Inspired by William Blake, The Romantic Poets, early CGI and psychedelic art, they aim to create digital landscapes that remind us of the interconnectedness between human consciousness, nature, and the astral plane. Mixing analog/digital and old/new technology is an important part of their creative process. 

They have been a member of the Glitch Artists Collective since 2014 and have collaborated with several glitch artists. They are a member of three different audio visual collaborations and enjoy projecting glitch visuals in a live setting. They co-founded the new media collective S H R I N E which exhibits new media and video art in Chicago. 

Their work has been exhibited in the US, Europe, and South America and they are the author of two books of poetry, Deep Dream and Starfish.

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