Roman Casus

Roman Casus is an award-winning artist based in Russia whose paintings have been exhibited nationally. In 2018–19, he studied at the School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops” in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. In 2018 he received an American Art Award in the category “Political commentary”. He completed artist residence Open Studios in Moscow through the Winzavod Art Center (2020). Participated in the VII Moscow Youth Biennale (parallel program).

Roman was a web designer for many years prior to 2017, the year he started painting. In his works he reconsiders the experience of creating commercial digital images from separate fragments. Unlike the traditional painters, he doesn’t use a studio setup. All images are taken from the digital environment: social media, broadcast services, newsfeed. These frozen images contain defects, somеtimes their resolution is low, so he finds what is hidden there while creating the painting. Characters and objects bear the imprint of reality. But the truncation of shapes, color distortion, and deformation make it almost impossible to interpret what is happening. His subject matter lies behind conflict, fear, politics, nudity, and anonymity.

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