Obsidian Urbex

Obsidian Urbex is more than just a photographer. She is a teller of forgotten stories.

For many, travel is a reason to photograph.  But for Obsidian Urbex, photography is the reason to travel. Sounds standard, some might say vanilla, until you consider the places her inquisitive nature takes her; the unusual, the undesirable, the hidden, the unthought of. She frequents the locations that time, history and humanity forgot.

Obsidian Urbex  toils for history, rust, disaster and decay. Some might say it’s freaky, she says we can learn a lot from what now lays shrouded in dust. She has a hunger to discover and capture unusual, unseen and nostalgic sites. This drive takes her far and wide. Obsidian Urbex goes off the beaten track, out of her way to frequent and capture things few think of, let alone venture to. What lies beyond that “No Entry” sign is where you will find Obsidian Urbex, camera in hand.

Her passion is exploration through photography. Every new place she visits catalyses her hunger to go further, to capture more unique treasures. Sharing her work and her discoveries through pictures and writings, conveying findings and feelings so others may enjoy these lost places. Obsidian Urbex conveys her story, an adventure, a sentiment of what she sees and feels. 

Discover the Undiscovered. Capture the Uncaptured.  See the Unseen. This is her life, and her ongoing adventure shared through her art.

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